Sunday, March 14, 2010

Texture - freebie

Thank you for your all comments :D In this week I will pick up 5 lucky persons. But for today I would like to give once again small freebie - my photo texture. You will find it on my other blog :

Have a fun!!!!



Angela Toucan said...

that is gorgeous

toomama said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebies!

etrala said...

o woow kochana, ja na pewno skorzystam !
dziękuję :**

Maja said...

Dziękuję za tę texture! laśnie czegoś takiego potrzebowałam!
Buziaki :)

Jitka, Most said...

Beautiful - thank you!

A-liya said...

Thank you very much sweetie!!

etrala said...

dziekuje kochana, użyłam :)

Dawn said...

Thanks so much!

pinkunicorn said...

Such a beautiful kit and perfect name. I love that you share your talent with us.

Ren said...


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