Sunday, December 05, 2010

My little Winter

In December I am a featured designer 
for the A5D "On the House" Challenge. 
I created a mini kit for it which is only available 
for FREE 
from 5th December 2010 till 4th Januar 2011


Pages from my CT:

Mi Monteiro  /   Nataliya Zima  /   Monika7810  /   Jenny79

Natmal   /    Zojinka   /    Etrala   /   Magda_lena

 OliO   /   B_Stepien   /   JanaO   /   Irenchen  

Beaute   /   Martencja   /   Pixelfairy   /   JanettD.

Wendy85   /   Tinci   /   Mary   /   Natascha

Terenslilly   /   Vero   /   Traumelfe   /   Aurelia


Have a fun!!!!!!
and maybe some of you will win
my special prize :D
See you soon 


twomama said...

Wonderful kit! Thanks for the freebie!

Lucienne designs said...

Thank you very much for the freebee!
I really, really like it!

Big hugs, Lucienne

Yulik said...

Amazing winter kit and pages! Thank you!

Mumure said...

Thank you so much for the freebie :o)

lmjrocko said...

I love this freebie! Thank you so much ~ Happy Holidays!

J-lucky et Yuricita said...

Hi Marta! Thank you so much for the beautiful winter freebie!
I love the color and elemetns all...such a gorgeous freebie you made! ;)

I was quite enjoyed play along with your kit!!

Happy winter holidays!!


yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.

Estis said...

Thank you for this freebie, here my page: